Our unique story has truly gone transatlantic in the latest series of the cult football documentary, Welcome to Wrexham. It’s an epic you must not miss!

A huge section in episode five is devoted entirely to the Wanderers after the Welsh club’s celebrity owners, Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney, heard about everything we’ve achieved under Marc White’s leadership. And what they say about us is TV gold!

After labelling us “arguably the most ambitious team in the whole of England”, Reynolds talks about Marc’s drive and enthusiasm, saying: “He’s passionate all the time. Passion is what scares the shit out of people, passion inspires people – and it inspires us. When something goes wrong with the club that guy still believes he’s going to win!”

It’s actually an hilarious moment in the programme, with footage of Marc leading a training session and driving on the players with some fruity language that could probably be heard in Wrexham and all the way to Los Angeles!

But the respect for our club is just as loud, with both Reynolds and McElhenney adding: “Dorking have developed this winning mentality against all odds and adversity ..and that’s inspiring to us. They have this culture of success.”

Even Wrexham manager Phil Parkinson weighs in, saying: “It’s a great story. It’s a community club with a manager, who is also the owner, who is full of drive and determination. They’re a breath of fresh air.”

The episode shows our goals in last season’s 3-1 win over Notts County – Wrexham’s closest rivals as they pushed for promotion at the time – and also an interview with Marc himself – looking very dapper for his Hollywood audience!

“We started the club from scratch 23 years ago, twelve divisions below where we are now,” he explains.

“We are a real fairytale in terms of we had no stadium, no ground, no nothing. We didn’t know what to expect – we thought we’d just have a bit of fun with it. But we kept winning and had 12 promotions, getting promoted pretty much once every two seasons – which is a British record. We are very proud of that.”

There’s then more hilarity as Marc talks about his notorious clashes with authority over the years. “Even when I’m suspended I hide in the stadium,” he confesses with a cheeky grin. “If I’m not allowed in the ground, I just put a f****n disguise on! I’ve got to be there – that’s how it works.”


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