Now in his sixth year as a volunteer for the club, Tommy joined the Wanderers family in 2018, whilst the club were then competing in the Isthmian League. Tommy’s role expands beyond that of a traditional match-day volunteer, as he is also a key member of the maintenance team, alongside Tom Oliver, which supports the club on a day-to-day basis.

“My favourite parts of being a volunteer is getting set up for games, the support I get from from the head of operations, and my teammate Tom. Tom and I work very closely together on the site maintenance and he is very supportive.  The gratitude I receive for doing this role is one of the reasons why I enjoy so very much.”

“In addition to my role as a volunteer, I am involved in the maintenance team around the cub. Being part of this team is an amazing role where I’m brilliantly supported by Kris, Alan and Tom. I am trusted to make decisions within the maintenance department around the club, this ultimately benefits the smooth operation which we run on both match days and non-match days.”

Witnessing promotions from both the Isthmian League and National League South, Tommy has played a vital role in supporting the clubs growth off the pitch.

“I’ve been a Wanderers supporter for many years, even before becoming a volunteer. It all started from just seeing an advert in reception calling for volunteers, I applied and then got started.”

Tommy shares a fantastic relationship with the management team and players, travelling up and down the country with the club. He has shared and been a part of some of the clubs most historic wins.

“My relationship with the players and management came about from volunteering on the players coach, this gave me the opportunity to spend extended periods of time with them, I then got to know each of them on a more personal basis.”

We asked Tommy to describe Dorking Wanderers in three words:

“Successful, ambitious, friendly”

As well as being able to watch every Wanderers match, a Wanderers volunteer enjoys free food and drink on match days. Tommy extends the benefits of being a volunteer beyond this.
“I would say to anyone that wants to become a volunteer, they will be joining a club and family that will be friendly and supportive. It’s an amazing opportunity to get close to the players and management team, whilst working with the most amazing group of volunteers that are fun and hard working.”
If you’re interested in joining the Wanderers volunteering team, contact